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Post  KaoroSorane on Wed May 26, 2010 10:16 pm

Plane designs should be posted in this section:

Name: The plane name can be anything that comes to mind.
Theme: In one or two words, describe the basic idea of the plane
Description: A detailed description of how the world looks like, and any special things you might find interesting.
Story: It would be good to show a story that could be lived by the players. The story can be anything, but it will serve to illustrate the plane better.

A random example: (not in the game)

Name: Oblongo
Theme: Marshmallow-land
Description: Oblongo is a plane inhabited by marshmallow-like creatures called Blau. The whole world is puffy and white, and all creatures in it are made of marshmallows. They have three main towns, and a sugar road links each of the cities. The Blau are a friendly race, but are very scared and do not dare cross the safety borders. The safety borders are a line of caramel that circles the area inhabited by Blau. Beyond that line, their world is unknown and they stay clear from it. The Blau fear the dreaded Fwoop. The Fwoop is in fact a dragon, which lives somewhere far across the safety borders, in a huge dark cave that is everything but puffy. The Fwoop scares the Blau because it attacks their cities every once in a while, breathes fire into the poor marshmallows, and then eats them.
Story: The Blau have decided they won't accept the attack of the giant Fwoop again. They are assembling an army of dozens of men who will march towards the Fwoop cave, for the first time ever crossing the safety borders, to try to find and slay the beast. But whenever they try to reach the borders, the army gets scared and falls back. They need someone with the courage to face the unknown and slay a dragon. But where will they find such a person?

A better example:

Name: Crypta
Theme: Graveyard
Description: Crypta is a plane of always-night, that revolves around creatures of darkness. All of the cities in it are ghost towns, in many ways, as they were abandoned a few decades ago. Nothing in the world is exactly "alive". There are ghouls and skeletons of many creatures, but none of them is sentient. This plane has some darker areas, where barely anything at all is visible. Creatures rise from the ground and souls wander pointlessly.
Story: It wasn't always like this. In the past, this plane was normal and used to have a day and a night. But one day the sun did not rise on the horizon. Eventually the plants withered and died, soon to be followed by all life on the planet. Attempting to save themselves from certain death, a few survivors tried to become immortal, but what they did was turn themselves into ghouls, and lose all consciousness and memory. If only someone could find out the reason why the plane has changed so suddenly, maybe it would be possible to turn it back.

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